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Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Rancid, Retrospective Sectarian Prosecution !!

'IRA chief' remanded over tax evasion

A Senior Irish republican has been remanded after appearing in court on charges of tax evasion.

Thomas "Slab" Murphy, a one-time alleged IRA chief of staff, faced nine charges of failing to file tax returns when he appeared at Ardee District Court in the border county of Louth

Judge Flan Brennan remanded Murphy on his own bail of 20,000 euro (£14,000) with an independent surety of 50,000 euro (£34,800).

He accepted as surety two plots of land put forward by Murphy's brother-in-law, John Kirk, and sister, Anne-Marie Kirk.

The judge said that as part of Murphy's bail conditions he must report daily to Dundalk Garda station, surrender his passport and reside at an address in Inishkeen, Co Monaghan.

Murphy is to appear before Dundalk District Court again on November 14.

Art Hostage comments

If a prosecution is based solely on alleged offences committed after May 8th 2007, then it is right to proceed, based upon the rule of law and the peace process, which, I might add, would not be where it is today without the support of the Murphy family, Thomas in particular.

However, if, as I suspect, this prosecution is based on alleged offences committed before 8th May 2007 then it is nothing more than a Retrospective Sectarian Prosecution, born out of some kind of sick public offering of a iconic Irish Republican, whilst lesser Irish Republicans enjoy the fruit of others labors.

Historically, conflict resolution has always begun with a blank canvas, that is the final part of the end-game of peace negotiations.

Both sides have to hold their respective noses and bear it.

If the same vigour was applied to truth seeking about Brit govt sponsored illegal acts I am sure there would be high profile prosecutions.

Whilst trying to put the past behind themselves, the Brit Govt does have a point about dragging up the past serves no purpose other than creating resentment, therefore, the same should be applied to the Murphy family, Thomas Slab especially.

The likes of Martin McGuinness, Gerry Adams, Johnathon Powell, Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern, David Reddaway, Gordon Kerr should look in the mirror and ask:

"What do we do when Slab Murphy's lawyers summons us to court to give evidence about how we sanctioned all of these dealings"

There has been a line drawn in the sand with regards allegations of illegal fundraising or black market earnings.

The line was drawn the day after power sharing, May 2007.

Even if a case can be made to prosecute Thomas Slab Murphy for pre May 2007 allegations, it should have been done in a more dignified manner.

I am certain if authorities had issued a summons to the Murphy Lawyers they would have made sure Thomas Slab Murphy appeared to answer the allegations.

This need not have been done in this manner other than to give the Brits some kind of sick pleasure at taking a swipe at the bedrock of modern Irish Republicanism.

I do hope the top Irish legal minds will be called upon to highlight what a rancid, sectarian, nasty, vindictive indictment this is, and it should be thrown in the bin forthwith.

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