Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Swiss Cheese Civilians Undermine Customs/Police !!

Customs chief quits over 'failure'

Press Association
Tuesday November 20, 2007 2:03 PM,,-7090722,00.html

HM Revenue and Customs chairman Paul Gray has said he is resigning after "a substantial operational failure" in the department.

It is understood that senior officials from Revenue and Customs were called to a meeting with Treasury officials at the weekend as the scale of the problem emerged.

The Metropolitan Police is understood to have been involved in investigating missing discs containing personal data, which contain the names, National Insurance and bank details of millions of child benefit recipients.

In a letter to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) staff, Mr Gray said: "This is not the way I would have planned to organise my departure from HMRC.

"I had hoped to be around for a while longer, and to have had the continuing privilege of leading HMRC towards the vision we have been developing.

"But I am extremely proud of what all of you in the organisation have achieved during my time as deputy chairman and chairman."

Conservative member of the House of Commons Treasury Committee, Michael Fallon, said he was "stunned" by Mr Gray's departure.

HMRC was created by the merger of the Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise at a time when the Treasury was demanding thousands of staff cuts, and has been under "immense pressure", said Mr Fallon.

He said that the affair raised new questions about Mr Darling's performance as Chancellor. He is due to make a Commons statement on the issue.

Art Hostage comments:

The real scandal is how Police Protected Witnesses and Police Informants are being put at risk.

When a Police Informant or a Police Witness is given a new identity, they retain the same bloody NI (National Insurance) number.

The previous records about Tax, NI and Benefit payments remain, so if the Underworld get their hands on NI, Benefit and Tax records they can cross match NI numbers and reveal the new identity given to Police Witnesses and Informants, thereby putting those people and their families at risk.

The ever increasing use of civilian workers in key administration and accountancy positions within government and law enforcement agencies has created a "Swiss Cheese" effect to security.

Any firewalls created to protect Police Witnesses and Police Informants are being undermined by the retention of National Insurance numbers that follow the person with the new identity.

Furthermore, by some strange coincidence, a firm of accountants who work for some law enforcement agencies, also are engaged in money laundering for senior members of Organised Crime.

There have been instances of the Accountants being privy to Covert Police Operations, cost assessments etc, and have passed this information to their Criminal Underworld clients, who take precautions to undermine the Covert Police Operation from the start.

This allows the Underworld to keep Police busy on a wild Goose chase, whilst the genuine criminality goes on unabated.

The amounts of money involved allow the Criminal Underworld to remain several steps ahead and any Police success only reflects around about 10% of criminal activity being disrupted.

Another thing, Govt sends CD Rom's containing vital personal information around Govt departments without a care in the world about security.

There have been cases whereby cleaners in govt departments have copied CD Roms for criminals and have never been detected.

So, while front end Policing looks good, well funded, secure firewalls to protect witnesses/Informants, behind the scenes, sensitive information CD's being traded like pirate DVD's and music CD's.

Those already living with a new identity should not be afraid, they should be very afraid !!

Those who are considering becoming a Witness or an Informant, think very carefully !!

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