Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Monday, November 19, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Hurley Arrested, Hurley in Court, Hurley Headlines !!

Now above, then below.

Britain's Most Wanted Man Arrested
Britain's most wanted man was arrested by Local Police in Holland 10 days ago.

James Hurley had been on the run for 13 years. He was jailed for life for killing a police officer during a bank raid in Hemel Hempstead in 1988.

But he escaped from a prison van in Wandsworth, south-west London, after four-and-a-half years in custody.

Art Hostage comments:

Read this story, below, from top to bottom, from August 2007.

Who was protecting James Hurley in Ireland, a large family..... ???

All part of the global picture........

OK, if the Stolen Vermeer is deposited in a Confession box for the Symbolism of Absolution.

The less said the better at this stage !!

Update, Update !!!

7.30pm, 19/11/07

When the Dutch Police reveal this was a chance encounter, because they noticed excessive use of electricity at the address and this led to Dutch Police raiding the address in the Hague expecting to find a Marijuana factory, and the arrest of James Hurley was just a coincidence, even saying it took 24 hours to identify him, this is what Dutch Police have been told to say.

The real truth is this arrest stems from the Office of none other than our old friend, General Bill Hughes, Godfather at the British version of the FBI, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, S.O.C.A.

Staff at S.O.C.A. were doing the conga last week.

Inter-agency protocol has been glued together by S.OC.A. and they are getting the green light to use methods normally only used by security agencies in terrorist investigation's.

Rather than just cut corners, S.O.C.A. marches straight across the investigation page, and then steps aside and allows Local Plod to make the arrests, be they Brit, Scottish, Irish or Dutch etc.

Remember the Da Vinci Madonna, that was sought as if it were a

"Da Vinci Dirty Bomb", well James Hurley has been sought as if he were Sheik Khalid Mohammad.

The reason James Hurley found himself in the Hague, at that address, was orchestrated from the office of Bill Hughes. S.O.C.A.

The details of which will become apparent over the coming weeks.

Furthermore, Anthony Kelly, who has just been cleared of murder in Limerick Ireland, will not get much of a break, holiday.

Why, well because there is work to do sorting out the global crime syndicate and international operations.

If Mr Kelly is not careful he will also find himself arrested and facing serious charges.

Mr Anthony Kelly, authorities are all over you like a rash, if you get caught don't say you were not warned.

Think it is safe in Morocco, Spain ?

S.O.C.A. have been there in the summer and are waiting for you to make a move, they have even bugged you Golf balls !!

Art Hostage advises, retire gracefully and drop off the radar !!


Will James "Whitey" Bulger be arrested next ?????????

Whitey Bulger will be arrested when the FBI has the desire to do so.

The same techniques will be used, the classic reducing the circle in which they can move, is the key.

A Law Enforcement operation is followed by an Underworld reaction, if the wanted person is forced to react, that's when Law Enforcement strike.

The FBI has a Trillion dollar system to call upon, so, when the time is right, Whitey Bulger will appear, whether Whitey Bulger will be alive is another matter, the political repercussions will dictate that, as well as the date of arrest for Whitey Bulger.

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